21 Juni 2008

Tips how to get Referral quicker and Free


I will give you the best TIPS & Tricks for money-Making online!
There is no need for spend much money for tutorials or whatever, because here you can learn how to do it for FREE!

Tip 1) Ads

Click every day all your ads!

Tip 2) Referrals

Referrals. The best way of getting money.
I will give you more tips about it...

Tip 3) Referrals

Ask all your friends, family to join the website with your referral!

Tip 4) Referrals

All your forums you are registered, put the referral links in your Signature!

Tip 5) Getting Referrals from websites!

Ok, there are some sites to get your referrals !
It's easy.

Use these website to start advertising:



Tip 6) Joining forums

Join PTC-Forums and ask for Exchange Referrals!
That means you will give referrals to join to join someone else.

Tip 7) Advertising on Click-Sites

Join like 5 PTC-sites or more.
Use 1 good, and advertise your referrals on the 4 others by changing your earnings to advertise-money!





Tip 8) Make a Blog

Make a blog with your referrals!

Advertising your site:
- Ask other sites to affiliate; You put a tag from your blog to another site and vise versa!
- Put in your Msn Nickname
- In your signature on forums
- Send a big tutorial and your ref links via e-mail.

Tip 9) Give-Backs

Ask people, to use your referral and click ads for 1 week, and after they did it, you'll give them 5$, and you got like 7$ from it.
Tell the user to better keep doing it since he got 7$ on his account!

Tip 10) Time

Spend the first week a lot of time to advertise your referrals.
After a week, normally you don't need to do something, else.. You failed and then you need to retry!
Don't forget to click your ads every day!

Tip 11) Purchasing

You can purchase your referrals

Tip 12) Make a Choice

Don't search click-sites and immediately register on them!

Tip 13) Getting people to your Blog...!

It's really awesome.



Tip 14) Free Advertising!

We've found a very nice website for free advertising, all you have to do is posting your add!
www.freeadvertisingexchange.com Just post your ad for free!

Tip 15) Play Per Play

Just join this awesome program; I have discovered a new innovation that will allow any web site owner to make money on every single visitor to their website with NO ACTION required from the visitor.


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